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Michigan State football: Local media reporting Urban Meyer was in East Lansing

So many conflicting reports.



Urban Meyer
© Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

There have been a ton of conflicting reports about Michigan State football and Urban Meyer, but the local media says he was here.

Earlier this week, there were rumors about Urban Meyer visiting East Lansing. The reports were refuted by national college football experts and insiders, but that didn’t stop the rumor mill.

Michigan State fans ran with the Bernie Fratto report that Meyer was in East Lansing.

While Bruce Feldman refuted the report, saying he spoke to Meyer and said that he was not taking the job and that he is happy with FOX Sports, it was doubled down on by Graham Couch of the Lansing State Journal. He said that he heard from sources independent of the Fratto report that Urban was recently in East Lansing but he doesn’t know the reason.

This is interesting coming from a well-respected journalist like Couch and he made sure to not overly speculate. He even said that he wasn’t 100 percent sure that Meyer was in East Lansing this past week, he just knows that it was a recent trip. This just adds a new wrinkle to the entire Urban Meyer saga that I wasn’t expecting because I was ready to pack up and move on from the idea of him as the next head coach.

Michigan State fans shouldn’t get their hopes up because his trip to East Lansing could have been for multiple reasons, assuming it did actually happen. He could’ve been giving some input on the coaching search like he did with Colorado State when it hired Steve Addazio.

It could also just be a preliminary talk to see if there’s any interest from his end to just listen to what Michigan State has to offer.

Either way, it sounds like the Fratto report had some truth to it, and Couch doubling down makes me believe it more than ever. If Meyer was in East Lansing recently, what could it have possibly been for? Let the speculation continue.

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