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Michigan State football: Freshmen give back by hosting football camp

The 2023 freshman class is already giving back.



Michigan State football
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A few Michigan State football freshmen, led by Brennan Parachek, hosted a football camp for grades 3-12 on Saturday.

Being a college athlete, one thing players have is the ability to make a difference. With so many people watching college sports, you not only can make a difference on the field but you can off the field. That is exactly what a few players from the Michigan State football team, along with a few other players from Michigan, Central Michigan, and Marshall, are doing in the first annual Parachek Peak Performance Camp.

This is a camp that was started by the Parachek family which includes Michigan State tight end Brennan Parachek and Marshall quarterback Colin Parachek.

Brennan was not the only Michigan State player to be part of this camp as linebacker Jordan Hall and cornerback Chance Rucker joined Brennan as counselors.

This camp was a way for these three Michigan State freshmen to give back to the kids that watch them every week. It was a chance for these kids to learn from college athletes about how to play a certain position or just to learn more about football.

This camp was for kids that were in third grade through kids going into their senior year of high school. These are all kids that are hopeful to be in the same positions that these Spartan football players are today. Brennan, Jordan, and Chance are all giving back to the kids that probably see them as role models. That is the type of impact that college athletes can have as they not only spread their knowledge about football, but they are also able to give others memories that they will not forget.

Getting to see not only Michigan State players joining this camp to be coaches but other players from Michigan and other colleges shows how impactful a camp can be.

According to Jordan Hall’s mom Cyreeta Hall in a tweet, you could see how much this not only meant to the kids but also meant to the parents that were there as well. Having the opportunity to give back is something that college athletes can do and these three Michigan State players along with Colin Parachek, Cole Cabana, Oumar Conde, Micah Davis, and Mark Young are giving back through coaching these kids at the Parachek Peak Performance Camp.