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Michigan State Soccer alum DeJuan Jones makes Team USA roster

This is pretty cool.



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Michigan State Soccer alum DeJuan Jones made the Team USA roster this week. He’ll be representing the US in the Gold Cup.

Every athlete’s dream is to represent their country in competition and former Michigan State Soccer player DeJuan Jones now gets to accomplish that dream again. Team USA’s roster for CONCACAF Gold Cup was released and DeJuan was one of the 23 players that made the roster.

With an appearance in the Gold Cup, DeJuan will make his third appearance in the stars and stripes with no goals — yet.

DeJuan is going to be a player that fans of team USA is going to have to watch out for. He is one of the young players that have been getting invited to the camps and now, he has another opportunity to shine if he gets on the field.

With Team USA trending towards a younger team, DeJuan could continue to get invited to the roster. If he continues to get invited, that is not only a very good thing for him, but it is for Michigan State soccer. Having a former Michigan State player on the team will bring more attention to the program which means, more players might want to play here.

With more Michigan State players like DeJuan in major league soccer and getting invited to team USA, the Spartans can continue to grow.

Not only did DeJuan go to Michigan State, he grew up near East Lansing. This is an awesome opportunity for Michigan State fans to cheer for DeJuan and it is an opportunity for him to achieve the dreams a lot of athletes are hopefully to achieve one day.

Good luck with Team USA at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, DeJuan.