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Michigan State football: Alante Brown has officially arrived on campus

Alante Brown will wear No. 0.



Michigan State football
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There were rumors swirling that Alante Brown might not join the 2023 Michigan State football recruiting class. Not anymore.

Everyone can take a big sigh of relief today knowing that Nebraska transfer receiver, Alante ‘Cadillac’ Brown, has officially arrived on campus. The former Michigan State football commit from the 2019 class posted on his Instagram story a photo of his locker and new number.

Brown will wear No. 0 (moving on quickly from Keon Coleman) and it looks like he’s situated right next to freshman tight end Brennan Parachek.

The fanbase had grown to be a little uneasy having heard so little about the Nebraska transfer after his original commitment. I think the last thing this fanbase needed was another portal addition jumping ship within just a couple weeks of committing (see Kee’yon Stewart). Elon Musk may have needed to shut Twitter down.

Brown is an electric playmaker with a ton of speed and is a huge addition to the receiver room after the departure of star wideout, Keon Coleman to Florida State. Small but fast is a common characteristic of Michigan State wide receivers. Do you think Alante is under the impression he’s transferring to a prison? Please see Coleman’s recent comments to understand that joke.

Based on the headline of this post you may have been expecting some sort of highlight. Footage of Noah Kim or Katin Houser tossing a deep ball up to Brown and hitting him right in the bread basket or a recreation of Kim’s pass to Antonio Gates Jr. in the spring game. Unfortunately, today isn’t that day but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that soon. We’re just happy the man is officially in East Lansing.

I would like to take this moment now to acknowledge the fact that I did in fact drive a Cadillac one (1) time after hearing we were after Brown. I’m a little superstitious like that. I’d like to take 1 percent credit in his recruitment.

No need to thank me,

Lover of pancakes, coffee and HopWoman. Nothing I say should be taken seriously. If you have any complaints, please reach out to my mom. SD4L.