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Michigan State football: Nathan Carter is not from this planet (Video)

How is this dude even real?



Michigan State football
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Buckle up, Michigan State football fans, Nathan Carter may be one of the most freakish athletes to touch down in East Lansing.

Multiple reports out of East Lansing have come out this spring talking up the newest Michigan State football running back, Nathan Carter. The transfer product from Connecticut has been impressive since coming to campus. Many have said to watch out for him this fall on the field.

About six months ago, a picture surfaced of him looking absolutely jacked and it made waves online. On Thursday, another video surfaced of his latest eye-popping feat and it has folks convinced that Carter is not human.

Here we see Carter doing what all great athletes do and not skipping leg day. Not only is he not skipping it. He’s thriving at it. For those not familiar, he has 600 pounds of weight on the bar in the video and he walks up and squats it three times like it was his warm-up for the day. He didn’t even miss a beat.

That seriously impressive feat makes me think that maybe he was once one of the life forms talked about yesterday that came from another planet.

In all seriousness, though, Carter has made the weight room his home this offseason and is looking prime to be that knockout punch in our running back combo with Jalen Berger. MSU strength coach Jason Novak has mentioned Carter’s hard work this offseason. In week five of summer camp this year, Carter won the Spartan Strength Award. A picture of him was posted in the strength belt looking absolutely jacked and proving his hard work has paid off.

There were some questions after Carter committed on if he could physically handle the toughness of the Big 10. Judging by the work he’s put in this summer, he wants to make sure that he wont have any issues. Personally I don’t think he will either.

Offensive lineman JD Duplain has been quoted saying Nate reminds him of how Kenneth Walker came in. Those are some big words knowing what K9 was able to accomplish here. If he ends up paying off for the Spartans and establishing himself as an elite RB the offense will really take a step forward. You’ll also then see me at Spartan Stadium singing “Hey Mr. Carter” after every Nate touchdown with all the vibes.

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