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Michigan State football vs. Michigan is expected to be a night game

Oh man, this is going to be good.



Michigan State football
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Today kicked off Big Ten Media Days down in Indianapolis, and additional Michigan State football kickoff times were announced.

Last time kickoffs were announced, the talk of the town (Twitter) was Michigan State football playing Washington at home but streaming only on Peacock. The announced kickoff time that jumps out at us on Wednesday is Michigan State’s home game against rival Michigan.

Michigan State versus Michigan will be on Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

ChopMan, what does this mean?

The kick time comes at a bit of a shock. I have no idea who made the final call on this one, but that individual has not been paying attention to the heated, in-state, rivalry. I’m not even sure if they watched the events at the game last year. I remember people talking about the rivalry being so hostile that it might make sense to skip the matchup in 2023 to let emotions settle.

Obviously, a boiling point was reached last year with the tunnel incident. I think the incident happens whether the game is played at night or not. Where I grow a little uneasy, is letting two fanbases who absolutely despise each other tailgate for an extra seven hours plus permit alcohol sales during the game.

From a player perspective, this will be amazing. Primetime, under the lights, on NBC with the whole nation watching.  This would also be the perfect time for MSU to drop the new black alternate uniforms.

How about a blackout, in The Woodshed, at night against your biggest rival? I don’t know if players prefer noon or night games from a performance perspective but strictly from an experience standpoint, Oct. 21 has the potential to be a career highlight.

MSU football is poised to exceed expectations this year as the entire nation has tossed them in the trash just two years removed from going 11-2 with a Peach Bowl victory. Head coach Mel Tucker says this is top to bottom the most talented team he has had at MSU. With a talented roster and a chip on their shoulder, the Spartans should be sometime the rest of the conference should be scared of.

I pray for all the infrastructure in East Lansing if the Spartans pull off the upset.

Go Green,

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