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PSU recruiting writer takes shot at Nick Marsh, Michigan State

Not a good look for Rivals.



Nick Marsh, MSU
© Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

A Penn State recruiting reporter for Rivals took a cheap shot at Nick Marsh and Michigan State over the weekend.

There was a time when recruiting sites like Rivals employed nothing but professionals who didn’t show bias and reported the facts. That seems to be a thing of the past.

Over the weekend, the mother of Nick Marsh posted a clip from a ‘Locked On Nittany Lions’ podcast episode in which Rivals’ Penn State writer Richie Schnyderite spread a little misinformation and took a shot at Michigan State.

One, Richie called Marsh a three-star recruit (he’s a four-star). Two, he said he’s only leaning toward Michigan State because of NIL (not true). And three, he said that Marsh is rated too high (if anything, he’s too low).

Everything Richie said was summed up perfectly in this one tweet:

Basically the Penn State reporter said that he wouldn’t rank Marsh as high as he is. He claimed he’s probably not a top-50 or top-150 player like he’s currently rated by most services and claims that he’s believed that for a while. Richie went on to say that he’s stiff in his routes and would rank him much lower.

Then he went on to say that Marsh was only picking Michigan State because of NIL and that no one goes to East Lansing voluntarily.

We’ve now seen “unbiased” recruiting reporters take shots at rival fanbases and schools a couple of times over the past week. Hopefully this isn’t a trend that continues because, well, it’s lame.

Knocking a kid for potentially going with his gut and where he feels most like family and also trashing the school that he may attend just because you cover a rival program is a bad look. Richie may claim to be unbiased, but we all know that’s not true. Acting like a fan because a kid may not pick the school you cover is unprofessional and, honestly, whack as a recruiting writer.

Do better, Richie.

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