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This photo of Coen Carr dunking is actually unbelievable

Again, Coen Carr may not be human.



Tom Izzo, Coen Carr
© Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

Coen Carr won yet another dunk contest over the weekend, but it was an in-game dunk that still has my mind in a pretzel.

Have you ever seen a picture that just doesn’t make sense to the naked eye? Something so out of the ordinary or exceptional that just blows your mind? What if I told you that Coen Carr was the subject of a photo that fits that description?

Carr, as you probably already know, was part of yet another All-American event this past weekend as hosted a game as well as a slam dunk contest.

To no one’s surprise, Carr won the Ballislife slam dunk contest.

He had some incredible dunks during that slam dunk contest and some unreal photos emerged from the event. But by far the most unbelievable photo came from the actual All-American game in which he darn near looked like he was flying to the rim.

This picture still doesn’t make sense to me:

You could click on it, zoom in, and think about what you’re looking at over and over and it still wouldn’t make a ton of sense. Your mind is essentially a pretzel right now.

Carr is unimpeded on the way to the rim and you just know he took of from right in front of the free throw line, but his head looks to be well above the rim. I know, I know, the angle probably makes him look like he’s higher up than he is, but is that truly the case? His hand looks like it could touch the top of the backboard with the basketball with ease.

It looks like his face could hit the rim on the way down.

I continue to be shocked and impressed by Carr. He is one of the best athletes that Tom Izzo has ever recruited and it’s only a matter of time before he tears the roof off of Breslin with a monstrous dunk in a crucial moment.

The 2023 recruiting class is elite, but this is the dude I can’t wait to see in action.

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